All About Joe Delfgauw

There Are Rumors —

Then There Is the Truth!

Having a name like Joe Delfgauw is nice in some aspects…. You know that the only relatives in the US are yours, you get all kind of nicknames, and you are easily identifiable.  The bad thing about being named Joe Delfgauw is that if someone writes something bad about you online, everyone knows who you are!

Let me tell you some things about me that are true:Joe's Headshot


-I have made mistakes, like every human.

-I genuinely try to do the right thing.

-I am incredibly talented, gifted and intelligent.

-I am a GREAT salesperson….but only if i am passionate about it.

-I am a loving dad, son, and brother who does the best he can.


I am very transparent….. So just ask.  You can find me on the Social Media Sites Below


Facebook – Joe Delfgauw

Twitter – Joe Delfgauw

Fan Page – Joe Delfgauw

LinkedIn – Joe Delfgauw

Pinterest – Joe Delfgauw

You Tube – Joe Delfgauw

Hopefully we will connect…. You can check out my blog here and connect with me any of the above ways!  Good Luck to you!

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