Delfgauw’s Superhero Teamwork Workshop: the Fantastic Four

Welcome back to the workshop, and suit up, polish your laser beams, and make sure you’ve got your spidey senses tingling, because this will ensure you’re not beating yourself up when it comes to teamwork — either personally or professionally. We’re going to now look at one remarkable team — a unique team — from the Marvel comics universe, exemplifying some things about teamwork that’s often not ever addressed in the real world. You ready?

The Fantastic Four: Heroes With Hangups?Fantastic Four teamwork

You betcha. That’s, in fact, part of their remarkable charm and why Stan Lee was about to hang up his pen and cape for good until the first issue of this superhero team had hit the stands with very promising feedback from comic book aficionados. It was official: the Fantastic Four was a hit. Why? Because they really weren’t your traditional superhero team, and we can take a few cues on that when dealing with work or personal development.

Let’s say you’re a dysfunctional family considering a home equity loan, for instance, but no one can agree. It happens. What made the Fantastic Four that much more interesting was that the team was, in fact, to a certain degree, a family. And they argued a lot. They had problems. They bickered. They, as Bruce Banner of the Avengers would put it, a “chemical mixture.”

Ironically, though, it was that exact “chemical mixture” making the team work that much better — at least for the Fantastic Four.

Don’t Get “Hung Up” on Disagreements

Team players will bicker. The goal, though, is to get to a resolution and supercharge productivity. If you notice with the Fantastic Four, they do finally come together to take on Doctor Doom and save the day just fine. Sure, the Thing hates that he’s bricks laid in orange, and Johnny gets too hot, and Sue somehow get invisible while Mr. Fantastic feels a bit stretched, and that’s a lot to take for any family —

But when push comes to shove, you get those differences out, you pow-wow, you find a solution, and because you found that hard-earned solution, your team actually functions better than most! I’d say Superman would applaud on that front, especially regarding workload management.

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