Truly Customizable Housing in the Forefront and “Off the Shelf”

March 5, 2015

This is about as close as we can get to having “Legos,” man! For the first time, it seems that the real estate market actually got a lot more fun than it already is. How so? Customizable housing. That’s how. But I Thought We Already Have Customizable Housing, so to Speak…. Not like this. Not […]

Body Cameras For the GRPD: Grand Rapids, MI, Rejoices

February 6, 2015

To some degree, anyway. I’d say the majority are jumping for joy at the idea that our GRPD officers will be equipped with something very cool — body cameras. That’s Right: GRPD Officers Will Now Have Cameras Installed on Their Uniforms As it stands, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is poised and ready to potentially test around […]