Superman’s 3 Tips to Improving Workload Management

He may be faster than a locomotive, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, and unable to hold his own psychologically with one Lois Lane, but the fact is this — even Superman can have problems with workload management. Look at his schedule, for crying out loud. That’s a lot to handle. When you check the figures and statistics involving crime from country to country, it’s almost like Supes workload management Supermanhas to be in a million places at once. And while he can, in fact, get close to that number, you can imagine that he even Kal-El in his infinite power can wipe his brow of sweat every once in awhile.

Thankfully, even Superman has a methodology for workload management, much like for myself, for those days that are particularly tough — like a volcano eruption off of Costa Rica, terrorist threat at the Eiffel Tower, and a bit of domestic violence over in Los Angeles, CA, all happening at the same time. We can learn a lot from the Man of Steel, even if the sheer action he takes is well beyond our skills as human beings.

What you have to remember is this: the principles behind his actions matter. So take note. You can be superheroes with your personal development and workload management, too. Just follow these tips:

Beware of Kryptonite When It Comes to Workload Management

It’s obvious, especially if you’re a fan of the man. He does have a weakness: that green stone from his home planet Krypton. A dangerous piece of matter, rendering him powerless. Superman knows this. He can practically spot — and feel — kryptonite from workload management kryptonitemiles away, and he’ll do anything to stay away from it, whatever it takes.

In this manner, as a professional or a family person, recognizing what your weaknesses are and trying to avoid them are key. Such weaknesses could be….

  • Time Management Problems
  • Procrastination Issues
  • Emotional Obstacles
  • Challenges With Stress

Perhaps any of these, or any combination of these, would be your kryptonite. Attack them head-on. Find techniques designed to eliminate them from your daily routine. Once they’ve been eradicated, you’ll find that your ability to maintain your workload has improved despite anything Lex Luthor can do to you.

Enlist the Help of Batman

Even an indestructible kryptonian could use the help of the Dark Knight! After all, why do you think the big man in the red cape technically worked together with some of the most prestigious superheroes of our age, one of them being Batman? The Justiceworkload management Batman League came about for a reason, and while Superman was one of the most formidable on the team, he undoubtedly could not accomplish all the feats the League could manage without the rest of his comrades.

When it comes to workload management, you have to be able to delegate. You can’t do it all on your own. Kal-El knew this. Not even he could stop all crime in the world. Managing crime fighting took some prioritization, organization and planning. Each member of the Justice League had a particular strength, a strength Superman may have possessed, but not to the degree his fellow friends had.

Believe it or not, Kal-El needed them. It’s important to see that when it comes to your needs of workload management, it’s a team effort. Count everyone in.

workload management stressYou Can’t Save Everyone!

With all Superman’s efforts, a life or two will slip his grasp. We all know how the kryptonian is about the loss of life, particularly from us earthlings. He’s not too fond of it. With the burden he carries, you can imagine the only way he continues to carry on is to always keep his emotions in check. Even with the Justice League in tow, setbacks will occur. What matters is getting yourself back up on the horse and trudging along toward the next opportunity, fighting for it to be a success.

Don’t panic when things get tough. Sometimes that pressure and work overload may take its toll, but ultimately what will decide whether or not you come out on top is how you deal with that pressure. Be calm. Collected. Analyze methodically. Careless mistakes are the byproducts of fear; Superman made sure not to ever fear of making any mistakes, because no matter what, there was always a factor out there that was beyond his control.

By saying that, you have to remember this one important thing: workload management isn’t about trying to accomplish everything to perfection. Rather, it’s about trying to accomplish enough.workload management logo

Without a Doubt, We Can Learn a Lot From a Superhero

When you feel like the walls of your office or den are closing in on you, and you have your infant sons and daughters crying for their diapers to be changed while the doorbell rings and you have burning steaks on the stove, or if you keep running out of printer ink while employees skip out or n0-show on you, leaving you clambering for an edge up on staying on top of things, just remember: if Superman can sometimes have a bit of trouble and still make it out okay, you can as well.

Be poised. Prioritized. Methodical. Involve your team in all the efforts you make every single day. Then, only then, will it feel like you’re leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

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