Why Your Career Should Be Like a Trip to the Treadmill

February 13, 2015 by Joe Delfgauw

Having a career is very much like an exercise regimen. You’re training your body (your company) to build better muscles, increase circulation, improve endurance, and generally enhance your productivity. The more you work out, the better your results, revenue and profit are. Interesting metaphor, don’t you think?

Stay with me, people. I know it’s a whole lot to take in, and you’re scratching your head, thinking you’re stupid because of your low ACT (when you’re actually not at all), and you’re wondering why a treadmill has anything to do with your business plan. Just free your mind and go with me on this one….

It’s Not Much of a ‘Stretch’business stretch

For sure, you have to stretch those so-called ‘muscles,’ though, or you might cause a tear. But it’s not much of a stretch to think that every entrepreneur has to shed some sweat (and maybe some tears) to ensure that their companies flourish with flying colors and maximized confidence. It’s not like you build a business, and then it runs on its own. You’ve got to continually work at the career, refine processes, encourage employees, focus on process improvement.

For instance: take outsourcing certain projects as a possibility. That alone can streamline your efficiency and allow you to focus more on what you know you can do as far as revenue generation. Another way to enhance your procedures and business routine in your career is to continue to use Post-Its! I’m serious. No joke. Still, you might want to consider starting your workweek on Sundays perhaps, and here’s why.

Expect More Ideas as Well as You Explore Possibilities for Career Improvement

Consider the possibilities when it comes to your career. The sky’s the limit, and you’re one of our nation’s shining entrepreneurs harboring no boundaries at all as to how far you can go. Just remember: lots of reps, lots of sets, lots of water.

And be sure you get some rest as well.

The Slow Burn: Why Girls Need to Take Their Time With Relationships

February 11, 2015 by Joe Delfgauw

I’m willing to bet none of you can guess what’s more difficult for teen girls than dating and relationships… Think about it.

No takers? No hands? Fair enough.

Some might guess that it’s self-confidence, or perhaps you’re an adult female CEO surrounded by male subordinates, trying to focus on productivity. Those are all challenges, yes. You’re way off base, though. Here’s a clue:

You’re a Teen Girl, and You’re Looking in the Mirrordating mirror

What do you see? Do you like what you see? You might not at times. You might be an emotional wreck. Many teen girls are.

Self-confidence and self-esteem for a great majority of teen girls is largely the greatest challenge ever to face in grade school or high school. They’re battered by imagery and expectations on a daily basis. There always seems to be competition everywhere they go. Somehow there’s always that “prettier” girl in the class the guys notice more, and perhaps you’re judged constantly by how stringy your hair is.

And you’re supposed to rise up against those obstacles and continually remain positive about your inner self? YES. You are.

This undoubtedly would give you the will, drive and authority to say YES, I CAN HAVE A ONE-NIGHT STAND (if you’re a consenting adult, of course), and I don’t judge on that mentality when it comes to relationships. I hear many a woman roar when they say they can be in charge of their own sexuality and put themselves on the same level as some powerful men out there in relationships. Make no mistake about that.

As a Teen, Though, Take Your Time With Relationships and Dating

You might not want to get involved in romantic, or semi-romantic relationships at all, yet. That’s okay. What you should do first, though, is be okay with who you are on the inside and outside. Feel good about yourself before ever considering whether or not you can feel good about somebody else from a relationship standpoint.

That may take some time for you. But no worries. You’ve got plenty of life to live.

Body Cameras For the GRPD: Grand Rapids, MI, Rejoices

February 6, 2015 by Joe Delfgauw

To some degree, anyway. I’d say the majority are jumping for joy at the idea that our GRPD officers will be equipped with something very cool — body cameras.

That’s Right: GRPD Officers Will Now Have Cameras Installed on Their Uniforms

As it stands, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is poised and ready to potentially test around a dozen body cams this spring in the hopes that by summer we’ll have a preferred product for the GRPD and about 50 quality cameras to boot. What grand rapids policedoes that mean for our Grand Rapids Police Department? About 300 officers will have those cams on them, allowing them to verify all activity in real time as they do their jobs. I call that effective. Efficient. Accountable.

Mayoral candidate Bliss with her initiative to prioritize neighborhoods in the city would only clap her hands at the idea, as this is a major benefit to communities, for obvious reasons. Don’t freak out at the costs of this new development, though….

Those Body Cameras Will Cost as Much as $1.5MM in Funds!

Some would say that the money could be even better spent on hiring more police officers for the GRPD. Good point. However, there are good points and bad points to every decision made, in any city, not just in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We can only hope and trust that this would be the right one.

After all, communities everywhere have made their opinion quite known. It’s not that the GRPD is understaffed, by any means. It’s that they’re not as ‘effective’ as they could be, in my opinion. Why not beef them up even more with something as state-of-the-art as body cameras?

Imagine How Easy It Would Be to Protect Communities

Think of everything from ArtPrize to other festivals in Grand Rapids, Michigan, requiring the assistance of the Grand Rapids Police Department. Don’t even get me started on New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest events GR holds right there around Rosa Parks Circle, or even July 4th.

We’re going to have some happy neighborhoods out there, with the police force not only doing their job, but doing it well.

Our 10-Second New Year’s Countdown to Effective Time Management

December 30, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw

Time’s running out on 2014, people. We better get our “shtuff” together for the new year, but in order to get that done in the right way, we have to be able to manage our time like noise-making champions wearing the 2015 hats with pride. Yes, time management is key in our daily lives, but in order to remember to always keep our heads in the game, we’ve got to do a countdown. After all, that’s one of the more memorable parts of a celebration — in New York City, Times Square, or anywhere else — the countdown.

Count down to the new year with these 10 tips to successful time management.

10! Procrastination Is Pitiful!time management confetti

One of the hardest things to do is force yourself to take care of business. Why? Procrastination. It’s like quicksand. Half of the time, you don’t realize you’re stuck in it. It’s not just a random pitfall, though….

The problem many people have is they procrastinate specifically because they don’t like the tasks or jobs they have to complete. Think of the workers out there in your city having to clean up all the confetti from this new year’s celebration we’re going to have. That’s a lot of garbage to pick up all over the city, don’t you think? You can bet one of those workers will subconsciously want to procrastinate and find ways to avoid doing the work in favor of something else — like drinking champagne.

The key to avoiding procrastination then is to find the reward in what you do. Train your mind to see the reward after you complete the job. That would mean that worker would constantly think of champagne after picking up all the garbage. It’s motivating. A noisemaker is quite motivating as well.

9! Cut Out Unnecessary Tasks From Your Schedule

This one’s actually easy to do as long as you’re willing to spend the time to do it (preferably before you celebrate new year’s). This takes preparation when it comes to time management, because there’s always a way to streamline efficiency with your work. Look at your procedures; see how they can be refined. Measure your productivity. Can it be better? Kiss your loved one as the ball drops. Enjoy the thrill of that clean slate and a brand new beginning.

You have a couple of days to consider some ways to go about process improvement. It’s that concept that’ll directly advance time time management glow sticksmanagement. If you can get your procedure of filling out forms to streamline from 2 steps to 1, you’re already on a roll.

8! Focus on the “Big” Tasks

Let’s put it this way: if it means more to you to ensure your family has some sparkling wine during the new year’s celebration versus some cheesy headbands and glow sticks, then go with it. Go with the tasks and materials that matter the most to your job or your schedule at that given time. Save the ‘lesser’ tasks for later, even if it means having to wait until the next day to get them done.

Why is this important? Think of it this way: if your major tasks mean that much, you’d generally have, potentially, some strict deadlines to meet. The lesser tasks encompass some flexibility, so you could probably afford to have them wait a bit on the back burner. In other words: prioritize.

7! Know What the Heck You’re Doing First

This doesn’t mean, however, having a brief to-do list. It’s one thing to remember to get the bubbly, glasses, tableware and top hats. Know what kind of materials to get. Know where to get them. Know what your budget is. Plan ahead.

Another way of summing this up is by one word: clarity. Be clear about what your tasks are, and you won’t procrastinate or run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Disorganization, disarray and disorder are the unholy trinity when it comes to time management, so avoid them at all costs.

6! Take a Good Look at All Your Duties to Figure Out What Really Matterstime management noisemaker

What if the “big” tasks aren’t really the “big” tasks at all? What if that giant noisemaker is nothing more than a pricey model well over your budget? Do you really think it’s a necessity? Sure, everyone loves using it, but does that mean it’s absolutely necessary? Likewise, perhaps the smaller ‘tasks’ matter even more. Maybe that 2015 tablecloth is well worth the investment to your new year’s party, and you have the time to invest and the money to spend to go get it.

The point to this is to analyze all your work and figure out which ones really should have the priority and which ones shouldn’t for your time management needs. Things change often, so always be on the ball with it, so you can adjust accordingly.

5! Emphasize Teamwork

Please don’t ever do anything on your own. You’ll most likely stress yourself out more than enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is especially the case when dealing with the new year. Never spend it alone! Be with family. Friends. Significant others. Celebrate. Parteeeeeeh.

4! Focus on Strengths and Minimize Your Weaknesses

Don’t think there’s only one way to maximize your time while working. This is especially not the case given the variety of fields and industries out there. An accountant’s methodology for time management isn’t the same as a construction worker’s, for instance.

After all, if you don’t like noisemakers, you don’t need them. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re necessary for your new year’s celebration, please. Some people just like singing, drinking and dancing — whereas others goof around and make tons of noise. Each to their own.

3! Outline Your Project Tasks Like You Would a Term Paper

You could be on break from college, spending time with the family during New Year’s, but once you’re back in school, you’re toiling away on that term paper. What’s the most important thing about that term paper? The outline. The same goes for your a work time management clockschedule, folks.

Be organized about your tasks, when they need to be completed, in what order they need to be completed, and how they need to be completed. Be as structured as possible. Yes, it might sound like you’ll get stilted in your productivity, but know this: if it works, you’ll never have to mess with it again. It’s an outline that can be used over and over without trouble, and before you know it, your system of efficiency operates like clockwork. Speaking of clocks….

2! Try Not to Look at the Clock Often

One would think this makes sense from a new year’s standpoint, because undoubtedly this is all about the clock. However, the last ten seconds of 2014 hardly requires any clock. Just about everywhere’s synchronized. Everyone’s doing the countdown. You don’t need to be looking at a clock to figure that one out.

Likewise, don’t stress yourself out while working just to see what time it is. You might notice that if you lay off the watch and focus on the work, that time tends to move a lot faster. That’s because you’re focused. You won’t notice this either — but you’re a lot more efficient, too, particularly with time management according to Delfgauw.

1! Stay Motivated and Let It Push You Forward!

The best part about being productive is the fact that when you complete your tasks, and they result in success, you get this overwhelming feeling of pride in your gut. That’s a good thing. Relish in it. However….

Go further with it and let it spur you on toward the future. Take some chances. Break the mold. Explore. Reinvent yourself. Always try to improve on something that’s already better than something you did before. You’re constantly evolving. Therefore….

Let the New Year Ring!

This is (ahem) where you say what you need to say. Go ahead: you can say it. Pass the bubbly while you’re at it.

Superman’s 3 Tips to Improving Workload Management

December 26, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw

He may be faster than a locomotive, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, and unable to hold his own psychologically with one Lois Lane, but the fact is this — even Superman can have problems with workload management. Look at his schedule, for crying out loud. That’s a lot to handle. When you check the figures and statistics involving crime from country to country, it’s almost like Supes workload management Supermanhas to be in a million places at once. And while he can, in fact, get close to that number, you can imagine that he even Kal-El in his infinite power can wipe his brow of sweat every once in awhile.

Thankfully, even Superman has a methodology for workload management, much like for myself, for those days that are particularly tough — like a volcano eruption off of Costa Rica, terrorist threat at the Eiffel Tower, and a bit of domestic violence over in Los Angeles, CA, all happening at the same time. We can learn a lot from the Man of Steel, even if the sheer action he takes is well beyond our skills as human beings.

What you have to remember is this: the principles behind his actions matter. So take note. You can be superheroes with your personal development and workload management, too. Just follow these tips:

Beware of Kryptonite When It Comes to Workload Management

It’s obvious, especially if you’re a fan of the man. He does have a weakness: that green stone from his home planet Krypton. A dangerous piece of matter, rendering him powerless. Superman knows this. He can practically spot — and feel — kryptonite from workload management kryptonitemiles away, and he’ll do anything to stay away from it, whatever it takes.

In this manner, as a professional or a family person, recognizing what your weaknesses are and trying to avoid them are key. Such weaknesses could be….

  • Time Management Problems
  • Procrastination Issues
  • Emotional Obstacles
  • Challenges With Stress

Perhaps any of these, or any combination of these, would be your kryptonite. Attack them head-on. Find techniques designed to eliminate them from your daily routine. Once they’ve been eradicated, you’ll find that your ability to maintain your workload has improved despite anything Lex Luthor can do to you.

Enlist the Help of Batman

Even an indestructible kryptonian could use the help of the Dark Knight! After all, why do you think the big man in the red cape technically worked together with some of the most prestigious superheroes of our age, one of them being Batman? The Justiceworkload management Batman League came about for a reason, and while Superman was one of the most formidable on the team, he undoubtedly could not accomplish all the feats the League could manage without the rest of his comrades.

When it comes to workload management, you have to be able to delegate. You can’t do it all on your own. Kal-El knew this. Not even he could stop all crime in the world. Managing crime fighting took some prioritization, organization and planning. Each member of the Justice League had a particular strength, a strength Superman may have possessed, but not to the degree his fellow friends had.

Believe it or not, Kal-El needed them. It’s important to see that when it comes to your needs of workload management, it’s a team effort. Count everyone in.

workload management stressYou Can’t Save Everyone!

With all Superman’s efforts, a life or two will slip his grasp. We all know how the kryptonian is about the loss of life, particularly from us earthlings. He’s not too fond of it. With the burden he carries, you can imagine the only way he continues to carry on is to always keep his emotions in check. Even with the Justice League in tow, setbacks will occur. What matters is getting yourself back up on the horse and trudging along toward the next opportunity, fighting for it to be a success.

Don’t panic when things get tough. Sometimes that pressure and work overload may take its toll, but ultimately what will decide whether or not you come out on top is how you deal with that pressure. Be calm. Collected. Analyze methodically. Careless mistakes are the byproducts of fear; Superman made sure not to ever fear of making any mistakes, because no matter what, there was always a factor out there that was beyond his control.

By saying that, you have to remember this one important thing: workload management isn’t about trying to accomplish everything to perfection. Rather, it’s about trying to accomplish enough.workload management logo

Without a Doubt, We Can Learn a Lot From a Superhero

When you feel like the walls of your office or den are closing in on you, and you have your infant sons and daughters crying for their diapers to be changed while the doorbell rings and you have burning steaks on the stove, or if you keep running out of printer ink while employees skip out or n0-show on you, leaving you clambering for an edge up on staying on top of things, just remember: if Superman can sometimes have a bit of trouble and still make it out okay, you can as well.

Be poised. Prioritized. Methodical. Involve your team in all the efforts you make every single day. Then, only then, will it feel like you’re leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

3 Best Linkin Park Songs to Encourage Motivation in the Workplace

December 23, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw

Right about now you’re reading the title going “WHAT?” in a loud voice inside your head, because no one with a right mind would even consider anything hard rock, or alternative metal, as a way to motivate yourself or your team in the workplace. It doesn’t seem to…mesh well, I guess. All those cubicles, jamming to some hardcore Linkin Park. YEAH! No, it just doesn’t work when it comes to encouraging motivation in the workplace.Linkin Park

Oh, but maybe it does, if you understand what motivation’s all about, especially if you’re an entrepreneur like me….

Getting Your Work Done Like a Warrior

That’s what a lot of businesses lose a lot of these days, what with the day-in, day-out droll droning same-o same-o. The same ol’ birthday cake, and oh, let’s have a Hawaiian shirt day and then maybe jeans Friday to ‘mix it up’ a bit and get the staff excited about working. Sadly, it doesn’t work.

People these days end up getting hopelessly bored with their jobs. To make it worse, a lot of bosses, CEOs and Presidents aren’t very keen on the idea of their staff getting to listen to music, let alone an awesome alternative rock band like Linkin Park. Maybe Barry Manilow…. Eh, maybe not.

The thing about motivation in the workplace is that you really have to get fired up over what you’re doing. There’s no better genre in music to do that than hard rock. Since its inception, it’s been all about “taking it to the man” and fighting, believing, speaking your 081206-N-2456S-006mind, just basically letting the emotions bleed into your soul and fill you with this freakish spirit dressed like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister. We’re not going to take it (the boredom, that is).

Hard rock for years has been the real reason why we all can have a voice and speak out. This is also why many buff dudes tend to work out to those bands like Metallica and Motley Crue. It gets the job done. The results show.

Now Linkin Park, people, has stepped into the forefront for some time now. They may soon be considered hall-of-famers with the styles, subject matter and invention they’ve brought to the table, enveloping and marrying other music genres in ways only Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Chopin could do if you gave them loads of energy drinks and tons of paper and pencil to start creating masterpieces together. Geniuses, they are, the members of Linkin Park. Hence this is why just about every office, every division, every department, every customer service associate must have these three songs on their playlist during downtime to instill motivation in the workplace, starting with….

New Divideoptimus prime

There’s a reason why this song was the theme for the blockbuster film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” Listen to the gritty power behind those chords and the wicked vocals. The moment the song starts, you’re fired up. It has that essence of flames, ashes and electricity charging you up for your day to make copies, calls and conferences.

Can you imagine Optimus Prime working at an insurance company? Oh, yes. You won’t find a better claims specialist. If this song doesn’t encourage motivation in the workplace, I guess Decepticons destroy the world.

Linkin Park CatalystThe Catalyst

There’s something rather unique and strongly emotional about this piece, exhibiting a lot of that creative invention Linkin Park’s known for. “The Catalyst” represents an ode, an anthem, to all those who struggle and fight against all odds. It’s poetic. It’s powerful. It’s revolutionary. It’s Bohemian. It’s bountiful. It’s scoring the big presentation in front of the execs and showing off that ultimate confidence so latent in strong lawyers fighting for the freedom of their clients.

Doesn’t it make you feel like a superhero? And, yet, the song doesn’t spout out superficial positivism, like you’re a nun singing “Kumbaya.” By the way: that’s so not the song to sing when trying to spur on motivation in the workplace.

Wretches and KingsKing Aragorn

This couldn’t be more appropriate for encouragement in the workplace, sampling the great Mario Savio, political activist fighting for free speech in our country, at the very beginning of the song. So odious. So sick at heart. That you can’t. Take. Part! Nothing fires up anyone like a speech. Presidents do it. Battalion commanders do it. King Aragorn did it. William Wallace did it. All powerful figures historical and fictional did it.

And that’s just the beginning of the song.

Listen to the rest of it, and you’ve got a razor-sharp head-banging basher of a piece even Beethoven would be proud of (although he wouldn’t be able to hear one single note of it). Just be sure your office is okay with just a little bit of vulgarity. It’s all poetic license, though, and it’s necessary for such a song about fighting oppression — in this case, the oppression would be the boredom against motivation in the workplace. The boredom wouldn’t last very long, pulverized into a pulp by the vicious and visceral riffs and rips in this song.

water cooler businessPick Anything to Encourage Motivation in the Workplace

So much more out there exists, echoing the same motivations as one Linkin Park. It doesn’t have to be that particular alternative metal band, or this rock pop group. If it gets the blood flowing for your employees — and especially for yourself — you can’t go wrong.

Just be sure to keep the water cooler filled up. Your associates will get thirsty.

Delfgauw’s Superhero Teamwork Workshop: The Avengers

December 18, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw

Talk to anyone either in a household or a corporate office, and they’ll all say that the one pivotal point for success in moving forward is this: teamwork. People just have to work together. When you consider how many people exist in the world — well over 7 billion — you undoubtedly end up in a situation involving some person opposite of you, trying to walk around you, and you likewise. You then end up, 9 times out of 10, going the same direction and nearly running into each other! Has that ever happened to you? Don’t deny it.

Teamwork, people. We all have to work together, and our first look at how to do that is none other than Marvel’s Avengers! Yes, it’sAvengers teamwork a fictional comic book, but consider a suspension of disbelief and look at it this way — a super soldier from World War II, snooty billionaire philanthropist with an iron suit, two wicked assassins, a god of thunder, and a big green monster stuck on a giant aircraft carrier in the sky? Bad things’ll happen (and they did, according to the blockbuster film), so what better way to learn something than how these dudes tackled the trouble?

First Off, Recognize Differences

It’s not always going to be a clean and smooth operation, people. After all, the Avengers hardly played nice when Thor “put the hammer down” after tussling with Iron Man. People disagree all the time. Not everyone likes Tony Stark either given he’s generally not that much of a team player, and just about everyone’s afraid of Bruce Banner when he gets mad, because insurance companies Avengers arguingend up going bankrupt from all the damage. Banner did say, in fact, that the Avengers are a time bomb, a chemical mixture. Dangerous.

They did, however, hash it out. They communicated — yes, bickering in a way, but at least getting it out in the open so they can deal with it and then dump it. That’s teamwork. Let go of your issues. Leave them at the door. Suit up. Get your hammer, suit, shield, bow and arrow, and start working together.

Be Strategic

“Call it, Captain.” That’s what Stark, aka the Iron Man, said, did he not? That coming from the haughty, glory-loving guy with the nuclear reactor in his chest. He reserved direction to a guy with a shield who got his mega powers from a bottle? Exactly.

Avengers assembleThe thing about teamwork is that you have to recognize people’s strengths and seek to initialize and launch them. When the Avengers finally got together in New York, facing that alien horde from another dimension — just another day in the life of a superhero — Captain America dished out the orders according to their strengths —

Hawkeye remained on outpost, sniping out foes with his aim. Iron Man took hold of the perimeter thanks to his ability to soar through the sky. Cap and Black Widow — because they’re basically stuck on ground — tried to keep the fighting down as low as possible, minimizing damage in the city. Thor, of course, did damage control with his lightning (like loss prevention at any business, basically). And, of course, what did Hulk do? Hulk smash. That’s always effective.

Each team member had a role. They also worked together in their roles. That’s key.

Some Shawarma Is the Ticket to Teamwork

And, of course, when all is said and done, some team activity to settle down and regroup, rejuvenate and build a bit of camaraderie would prepare any division, department or retail team for the next day’s work. When all the aliens were defeated and Hulk woke up Iron Man after his perilous trip to outer space, tossing a nuke as far as possible, what did Stark say? The team should chill at this Shawarma Arab meat lunch shop, so they can gather all that strength back after facing near-death over an alien invasion. They deserved it.

It doesn’t have to be shawarma, though. It could be Subway, or Jimmy John’s. Even McDonald’s wouldn’t hurt. The point is any team — or a family — could make it a priority to get some “fun” time in, some nourishment, to help replenish the energy after working teamworkso hard.

That builds a personal connection between team members. Positivity. Healthy communication. And the more you do that with your team or family members, the better.

Avengers, Assemble

Teamwork takes time, dedication, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I make no bones about it. It’s all worth it in the end, though, especially when saving the world.

Of course, we’re not “superheroes,” right? At least not in that way. When it comes to delivering the goods, great service, and perhaps a smile for a job well done, you better believe it: you are a superhero. So suit up.

5 Ways Luke Skywalker Can Be Your Master of Personal Development

December 15, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw

The “Force,” indeed, can be with you — as long as you stay positive. Truthfully, it doesn’t take some supernatural midichlorian to tell you that you need to rise above the supposed dark side of life, nor does it take a light saber for you to break through walls of oppression, doubt and disbelief, in this real world. However, we can learn a lot from the Jedi of “Star Wars” lore for obvious reasons. In particular, one man named as the one foretold in the prophecy to bring balance: Luke Skywalker. Great character. And aLuke Skywalker great model for how we develop ourselves personally.

“Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try.” Excelling in Personal Development.

The thing about personal development is that right off the bat, your goals have already to some degree been attained — just not realized at all. After all, it was Luke Skywalker who “wanted” to become a Jedi. What if he already was one, but just didn’t know it? Haven’t we heard that ideal before? Our goals are there well within our reach. Know thyself. Beware the dark side. Always let the wookiee win.

Personal development really isn’t something you learn, per se — rather, you realize it for the first time, that you’ve already possessed the skills, the drive, the desire to be great, inspirational, creative and empowered, and you focus on continually building from that to the point where nothing in the galaxy — not even a Sith Lord — can stop you from attaining your goals.

What you need to do first, though, is relate in any way possible. Find a connection with something you know. And if it just so happens to be the essence of Obi-Wan Kenobi, for example, run with it! Just beware of the Sand People — or worse. Here are five ways you can master your own personal development with the help of the one they call Skywalker.

Dreaming Beyond Moisture Farming

Not that there was anything wrong with moisture farming on Tatooine…. Luke, though, wanted to pursue something bigger. Perhaps battle the Empire as a fighter pilot. In a way, this is the mantra of every entrepreneur, trendsetter or dreamer on planet tall building horizonEarth.

We look out into the horizon and dare to be something more. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Other times it can be enlightening. At the end of it all, sometimes a certain happening has to occur for us to realize that there’s just one path ahead of us, and we must follow it — or else stormtroopers will bury us with their laser blasts given the fact that we still haven’t even learned how to use that elegant Jedi weapon, the light saber.

You start by dreaming positively when it comes to personal development. Focus. Align yourself with your goals, however lofty they may seem to be. Before you can even expect anything, you just might see that holographic image of a princess begging you, “Help me, Joe Delfgauw, you’re my only hope.” And it’ll beckon you to take action and embark on a journey that’ll take you clear across the galaxy.

Trust the Force, Luke

Doubt’s anyone’s worst enemy. In fact, Darth Doubt would take on Vader, Sidious, Maul, General Grievous and Count Dooku with hands tied and not even flinch.

That’s one thing Luke did very well: he sought to trust his feelings. Go with your gut. Take a risk. Don’t worry about failing as a professional or entrepreneur, because ultimately any such failure is another step toward your success, whatever it may be. Luke trusted his feelings when flying through the trench of the Death Star without the targeting computer, so he can keep an eye on TIE fighters behind him while aiming for that precise hit. He trusted himself when leaving the Rebel Alliance to go to some swampy planet to find and commune with a dirty green elf named Yoda.

Seriously — you can’t even conjure up that kind of faith on your own!

Believe in Change

Even the darkest of times can be lit with the smallest flame, and Luke knew that probably better than any other Jedi. After all, who else could do the reverse: turn a Sith back into a Jedi? It seemed impossible. No other Jedi would’ve accomplished such a feat given that Return of the Jediin all the history of the Force, every Sith Lord — once going bad — never went back. That’s why it’s always this 1-way street.

Once you backslide, slack off or cut yourself short of hitting your goals, it’s very difficult to get back on the horse (or Millenium Falcon) — or so we think. The fact is this — you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You might take two steps back, have a major setback, but that doesn’t mean you’re incapable of taking three steps forward. You just have to believe it’s possible.

This is why Luke thought it was possible to bring his father Anakin back into the light. It took a great revelation to do that, though. And it cost Vader his life. But in losing his life, he no longer breathed his last breath as Vader. But as a Skywalker, father of Luke. That change — however slim, rare and perhaps doubtful — occurred regardless, and it wouldn’t have happened if Luke didn’t think to leave the Forest Moon of Endor and try.

He battled Vader. Battled the Emperor. He survived the temptation of the dark side. He did what many Jedi couldn’t do. He resisted the hatred, the fear, the anger; and he rose above it. In the end, it may have seemed like Luke did the impossible to us — but to him, it was possible. That made all the difference.

The Force Will Be With You. Always.

Again, though, I have to stress: there’s no magical force out there penetrating us, surrounding us and binding us together, except for what great feats we accomplish in our daily professional lives. You can personify that hidden ‘energy’ (for lack of a better term), though, and connect with it on a very personal level.

You can accomplish anything. All you need is a role model. And if it happens to be a boy out in Tatooine, meeting ol’ Ben, dodging a few Tuskan raiders, saving a couple of droids from disaster, riding the Millenium Falcon, rescuing Princess Leia, and utterly destroying an Empire, then so be it. In a way, our own corporate world is like a Death Star. Fly into it, take it head on, and let the torpedoes fly; just trust they’ll hit their mark, and you’ll be well on your way to making your mark in your industry.

May the force be with you.

Sensationalism – Our GREAT Human Weakness! by Joe Delfgauw

October 11, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw

Sensationalism…..also know as drama…..has caused most of the world’s problems.  Fear is based off of it (does everyone remember Y2K and December 21, 2012?) and so are most personal issues with agenda!  Let me give you some more clarification…..

Sensationalism is when someone says something and then simply exaggerates it to make themselves look more important……have you ever heard someone say this?

“Oh my god, you should’ve heard what ______ said”

“Did you see what __________ did?”

“Obama is going to ruin the USA and here’s why” (i am neither an Obama lover or hater)

I hear it all the time…..I see it all the time.  Some people call is Gossip, some call it being a hater, some participate at different levels…..but one thing is for sure, it is caused because that person has a true lack of self worth/self esteem!  I mean, why would anyone say something to another person and “sensationalize” the story?  It’s simple….they want that person to pay attention to them, not the story.

I want you to think about all the things you have been told in your life…..your beliefs, your belief system(s), why you are the way you are.  Were your parents sensationalists?  Was a significant family member like a grandparent or OLDER sibling?  I notice that kids who were the just under the oldest child (so if there were 2 kids, it would be the youngest, 5 kids its the 2nd born) are often the most victimized by this.  They have parents and worse….and older sibling who repeats regurgitated stories with the intention of their own agenda at play…..”you have to go to bed early”, “what mom and dad will do if you do this”, “you can’t do that” and a plethora of other things……..and RELIGION?  Oh boy, here we go

Think about this…..in order to get you to believe in Jesus, did people tell you the truth or a sensationalized

version of the truth?  I mean, no one you know actually met Jesus or saw Jesus so EVERYTHING you have learned is from another person…..DOESN’T THAT SCARE YOU?  It scares me!  lol

So…..this lesson is simply this;  Be careful whom you believe and why you believe them.  Did they tell you what they told you for your own interests, or theirs?  Were they giving you facts, of did they have an agenda for you to believe what they wanted……..

Question everything!  Always…….PERIOD!


September 25, 2014 by Joe Delfgauw



Set a specific goal
A goal needs to be as specific as possible so you can work toward it and achieve it. “Lose weight” as a goal was too vague. What exactly did I wanted to achieve and how? Why do I want to do it?

Make goals measurable
If I didn’t make my goal measurable, I couldn’t know when I reached it. Whether it was pounds or inches lost or how many days without smoking, setting a measurable goal was key to achieving it.

Be accountable
Start blogging your journey or tell a friend

Set a realistic goal
I also made sure my goal was realistic for me. I didn’t want to make it too difficult because I might get discouraged

Have a timeframe
If my goal didn’t have a time limit, I knew I’d have trouble starting and staying motivated until the end.