The Slow Burn: Why Girls Need to Take Their Time With Relationships

I’m willing to bet none of you can guess what’s more difficult for teen girls than dating and relationships… Think about it.

No takers? No hands? Fair enough.

Some might guess that it’s self-confidence, or perhaps you’re an adult female CEO surrounded by male subordinates, trying to focus on productivity. Those are all challenges, yes. You’re way off base, though. Here’s a clue:

You’re a Teen Girl, and You’re Looking in the Mirrordating mirror

What do you see? Do you like what you see? You might not at times. You might be an emotional wreck. Many teen girls are.

Self-confidence and self-esteem for a great majority of teen girls is largely the greatest challenge ever to face in grade school or high school. They’re battered by imagery and expectations on a daily basis. There always seems to be competition everywhere they go. Somehow there’s always that “prettier” girl in the class the guys notice more, and perhaps you’re judged constantly by how stringy your hair is.

And you’re supposed to rise up against those obstacles and continually remain positive about your inner self? YES. You are.

This undoubtedly would give you the will, drive and authority to say YES, I CAN HAVE A ONE-NIGHT STAND (if you’re a consenting adult, of course), and I don’t judge on that mentality when it comes to relationships. I hear many a woman roar when they say they can be in charge of their own sexuality and put themselves on the same level as some powerful men out there in relationships. Make no mistake about that.

As a Teen, Though, Take Your Time With Relationships and Dating

You might not want to get involved in romantic, or semi-romantic relationships at all, yet. That’s okay. What you should do first, though, is be okay with who you are on the inside and outside. Feel good about yourself before ever considering whether or not you can feel good about somebody else from a relationship standpoint.

That may take some time for you. But no worries. You’ve got plenty of life to live.

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