Why the ELNC of Grand Rapids, MI, Will Marry Culture and Community Together

Is it any wonder that learning is the forefront of our city of Grand Rapids, Michigan? Ask any parent, family or community out there; they’ll tell you. Moreover, if you want to learn more about what the ELNC is, you could easily just visit their website; but just in case you want a little insider look as to why the ELNC will be for many the saving grace of all, read on:

The Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborativeschools ELNC

Did I say ‘collaborative’? That’s a big word. A good word. And there’s no wonder that this W.K. Kellogg Foundation-founded organization sits on that word at the very end of the name, as this is an initiative designed to start at the very beginning of education, where it all matters. Our neighborhoods need it. That’s the start of the voice of the people in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when you think about it.

The ELNC basically takes the classroom and brings it into the home, metaphorically speaking, of course. For these kids in our city, education’s not limited to lockers and notebooks. You see these kids learning out on the sidewalks, participating in community events, extracurricular activities, block parties even perhaps, and other collaborative efforts that not only will nourish just one, or two, or maybe even three students, but a whole gaggle of students!

That’s not a flippant thing to say, though; sure, it’s a great thing to bring a bunch of students together for the common good, but the ELNC goes one step further — it’s about bringing students from all walks of society and culture together. Doing something together.

Think About It: It’s About Teamwork

How do businesses achieve growth? How does the economy flourish? How does profit increase for many corporations? It’s all about collaboration and teamwork. We start at the roots of a tree. And it grows.

The ELNC is that farmer, sowing the seeds, growing the trees, and making sure they grow pretty tall. It all starts with kids. Get them involved. Get them working together. And you know what you get?

You get the next corporation leading Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the nation.

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