Why Your Career Should Be Like a Trip to the Treadmill

Having a career is very much like an exercise regimen. You’re training your body (your company) to build better muscles, increase circulation, improve endurance, and generally enhance your productivity. The more you work out, the better your results, revenue and profit are. Interesting metaphor, don’t you think?

Stay with me, people. I know it’s a whole lot to take in, and you’re scratching your head, thinking you’re stupid because of your low ACT (when you’re actually not at all), and you’re wondering why a treadmill has anything to do with your business plan. Just free your mind and go with me on this one….

It’s Not Much of a ‘Stretch’business stretch

For sure, you have to stretch those so-called ‘muscles,’ though, or you might cause a tear. But it’s not much of a stretch to think that every entrepreneur has to shed some sweat (and maybe some tears) to ensure that their companies flourish with flying colors and maximized confidence. It’s not like you build a business, and then it runs on its own. You’ve got to continually work at the career, refine processes, encourage employees, focus on process improvement.

For instance: take outsourcing certain projects as a possibility. That alone can streamline your efficiency and allow you to focus more on what you know you can do as far as revenue generation. Another way to enhance your procedures and business routine in your career is to continue to use Post-Its! I’m serious. No joke. Still, you might want to consider starting your workweek on Sundays perhaps, and here’s why.

Expect More Ideas as Well as You Explore Possibilities for Career Improvement

Consider the possibilities when it comes to your career. The sky’s the limit, and you’re one of our nation’s shining entrepreneurs harboring no boundaries at all as to how far you can go. Just remember: lots of reps, lots of sets, lots of water.

And be sure you get some rest as well.

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