Watch Out, GM and Chrysler: Apple’s Getting Into the Auto Industry

Yes, Macintosh is making its first automobile for production as early as the year 2020 — just five years after Marty McFly traveled to the future and almost got eaten by a 3D animated shark. Crazy, right? As far-fetched as it may sound that the maker of Apple computers is now thinking about an internal combustion engine and a chassis, it just so happens that the word has been out along with some competition between two other massive corporations that are a bit more knowledgeable in the arena of automotive manufacturing innovationTesla Motors Inc. and General Motors Co. This is heavy, Doc….

However, as Far as the Auto Industry Is Concerned, Apple Might Have an Edge, and Here’s Why….auto industry back to the future

It only makes sense that Apple focus on the innovation in the auto industry that’s sweeping the nation: electric vehicles. We’re starting to see a lot of them these days. As it stands right now, Tesla and GM are focusing on a 2017 release for a prototype designed to go more than 200 miles on just one charge, a prototype that would cost less than $40K to the average consumer. I’m smelling cost innovations here as well, something that would make it easier to select your vehicle without getting any financial headaches.

But do you think Apple Inc. can do this number better? Very possibly. After all, this is a whole other arena of manufacturing where electrics play more of a role over fuel combustion. And when you take into account Apple’s record profit of $18 billion this past quarter and another $178 billion to boot in cold, hard cash, you’d wonder if the computer company would even need to get their hands on that Grey’s Sports Almanac and make their millions. That’s just not the case.

This is a trend for Apple anyway. They’ve broken into other industries as well, so the auto industry just might be the next notch on their belt. Think about it. Apple wasn’t the first company to design a digital music player, or even a smartphone — they simply broke into those markets. They’ll probably do the same just fine by 2020 for the auto industry.

We May Not See a Delorean Any Time Soon, But We’ll Certainly See Some ‘Flying’ Apple Cars

Well, maybe not ‘flying’. And maybe not the Mr. Fusion fuel systems. But at least we’ll be even closer still to a future of our own making. We’re just not going to let old Biff get into our car this time.


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