5 Ways Luke Skywalker Can Be Your Master of Personal Development

The “Force,” indeed, can be with you — as long as you stay positive. Truthfully, it doesn’t take some supernatural midichlorian to tell you that you need to rise above the supposed dark side of life, nor does it take a light saber for you to break through walls of oppression, doubt and disbelief, in this real world. However, we can learn a lot from the Jedi of “Star Wars” lore for obvious reasons. In particular, one man named as the one foretold in the prophecy to bring balance: Luke Skywalker. Great character. And aLuke Skywalker great model for how we develop ourselves personally.

“Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try.” Excelling in Personal Development.

The thing about personal development is that right off the bat, your goals have already to some degree been attained — just not realized at all. After all, it was Luke Skywalker who “wanted” to become a Jedi. What if he already was one, but just didn’t know it? Haven’t we heard that ideal before? Our goals are there well within our reach. Know thyself. Beware the dark side. Always let the wookiee win.

Personal development really isn’t something you learn, per se — rather, you realize it for the first time, that you’ve already possessed the skills, the drive, the desire to be great, inspirational, creative and empowered, and you focus on continually building from that to the point where nothing in the galaxy — not even a Sith Lord — can stop you from attaining your goals.

What you need to do first, though, is relate in any way possible. Find a connection with something you know. And if it just so happens to be the essence of Obi-Wan Kenobi, for example, run with it! Just beware of the Sand People — or worse. Here are five ways you can master your own personal development with the help of the one they call Skywalker.

Dreaming Beyond Moisture Farming

Not that there was anything wrong with moisture farming on Tatooine…. Luke, though, wanted to pursue something bigger. Perhaps battle the Empire as a fighter pilot. In a way, this is the mantra of every entrepreneur, trendsetter or dreamer on planet tall building horizonEarth.

We look out into the horizon and dare to be something more. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Other times it can be enlightening. At the end of it all, sometimes a certain happening has to occur for us to realize that there’s just one path ahead of us, and we must follow it — or else stormtroopers will bury us with their laser blasts given the fact that we still haven’t even learned how to use that elegant Jedi weapon, the light saber.

You start by dreaming positively when it comes to personal development. Focus. Align yourself with your goals, however lofty they may seem to be. Before you can even expect anything, you just might see that holographic image of a princess begging you, “Help me, Joe Delfgauw, you’re my only hope.” And it’ll beckon you to take action and embark on a journey that’ll take you clear across the galaxy.

Trust the Force, Luke

Doubt’s anyone’s worst enemy. In fact, Darth Doubt would take on Vader, Sidious, Maul, General Grievous and Count Dooku with hands tied and not even flinch.

That’s one thing Luke did very well: he sought to trust his feelings. Go with your gut. Take a risk. Don’t worry about failing as a professional or entrepreneur, because ultimately any such failure is another step toward your success, whatever it may be. Luke trusted his feelings when flying through the trench of the Death Star without the targeting computer, so he can keep an eye on TIE fighters behind him while aiming for that precise hit. He trusted himself when leaving the Rebel Alliance to go to some swampy planet to find and commune with a dirty green elf named Yoda.

Seriously — you can’t even conjure up that kind of faith on your own!

Believe in Change

Even the darkest of times can be lit with the smallest flame, and Luke knew that probably better than any other Jedi. After all, who else could do the reverse: turn a Sith back into a Jedi? It seemed impossible. No other Jedi would’ve accomplished such a feat given that Return of the Jediin all the history of the Force, every Sith Lord — once going bad — never went back. That’s why it’s always this 1-way street.

Once you backslide, slack off or cut yourself short of hitting your goals, it’s very difficult to get back on the horse (or Millenium Falcon) — or so we think. The fact is this — you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You might take two steps back, have a major setback, but that doesn’t mean you’re incapable of taking three steps forward. You just have to believe it’s possible.

This is why Luke thought it was possible to bring his father Anakin back into the light. It took a great revelation to do that, though. And it cost Vader his life. But in losing his life, he no longer breathed his last breath as Vader. But as a Skywalker, father of Luke. That change — however slim, rare and perhaps doubtful — occurred regardless, and it wouldn’t have happened if Luke didn’t think to leave the Forest Moon of Endor and try.

He battled Vader. Battled the Emperor. He survived the temptation of the dark side. He did what many Jedi couldn’t do. He resisted the hatred, the fear, the anger; and he rose above it. In the end, it may have seemed like Luke did the impossible to us — but to him, it was possible. That made all the difference.

The Force Will Be With You. Always.

Again, though, I have to stress: there’s no magical force out there penetrating us, surrounding us and binding us together, except for what great feats we accomplish in our daily professional lives. You can personify that hidden ‘energy’ (for lack of a better term), though, and connect with it on a very personal level.

You can accomplish anything. All you need is a role model. And if it happens to be a boy out in Tatooine, meeting ol’ Ben, dodging a few Tuskan raiders, saving a couple of droids from disaster, riding the Millenium Falcon, rescuing Princess Leia, and utterly destroying an Empire, then so be it. In a way, our own corporate world is like a Death Star. Fly into it, take it head on, and let the torpedoes fly; just trust they’ll hit their mark, and you’ll be well on your way to making your mark in your industry.

May the force be with you.

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