3 Best Linkin Park Songs to Encourage Motivation in the Workplace

Right about now you’re reading the title going “WHAT?” in a loud voice inside your head, because no one with a right mind would even consider anything hard rock, or alternative metal, as a way to motivate yourself or your team in the workplace. It doesn’t seem to…mesh well, I guess. All those cubicles, jamming to some hardcore Linkin Park. YEAH! No, it just doesn’t work when it comes to encouraging motivation in the workplace.Linkin Park

Oh, but maybe it does, if you understand what motivation’s all about, especially if you’re an entrepreneur like me….

Getting Your Work Done Like a Warrior

That’s what a lot of businesses lose a lot of these days, what with the day-in, day-out droll droning same-o same-o. The same ol’ birthday cake, and oh, let’s have a Hawaiian shirt day and then maybe jeans Friday to ‘mix it up’ a bit and get the staff excited about working. Sadly, it doesn’t work.

People these days end up getting hopelessly bored with their jobs. To make it worse, a lot of bosses, CEOs and Presidents aren’t very keen on the idea of their staff getting to listen to music, let alone an awesome alternative rock band like Linkin Park. Maybe Barry Manilow…. Eh, maybe not.

The thing about motivation in the workplace is that you really have to get fired up over what you’re doing. There’s no better genre in music to do that than hard rock. Since its inception, it’s been all about “taking it to the man” and fighting, believing, speaking your 081206-N-2456S-006mind, just basically letting the emotions bleed into your soul and fill you with this freakish spirit dressed like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister. We’re not going to take it (the boredom, that is).

Hard rock for years has been the real reason why we all can have a voice and speak out. This is also why many buff dudes tend to work out to those bands like Metallica and Motley Crue. It gets the job done. The results show.

Now Linkin Park, people, has stepped into the forefront for some time now. They may soon be considered hall-of-famers with the styles, subject matter and invention they’ve brought to the table, enveloping and marrying other music genres in ways only Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Chopin could do if you gave them loads of energy drinks and tons of paper and pencil to start creating masterpieces together. Geniuses, they are, the members of Linkin Park. Hence this is why just about every office, every division, every department, every customer service associate must have these three songs on their playlist during downtime to instill motivation in the workplace, starting with….

New Divideoptimus prime

There’s a reason why this song was the theme for the blockbuster film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” Listen to the gritty power behind those chords and the wicked vocals. The moment the song starts, you’re fired up. It has that essence of flames, ashes and electricity charging you up for your day to make copies, calls and conferences.

Can you imagine Optimus Prime working at an insurance company? Oh, yes. You won’t find a better claims specialist. If this song doesn’t encourage motivation in the workplace, I guess Decepticons destroy the world.

Linkin Park CatalystThe Catalyst

There’s something rather unique and strongly emotional about this piece, exhibiting a lot of that creative invention Linkin Park’s known for. “The Catalyst” represents an ode, an anthem, to all those who struggle and fight against all odds. It’s poetic. It’s powerful. It’s revolutionary. It’s Bohemian. It’s bountiful. It’s scoring the big presentation in front of the execs and showing off that ultimate confidence so latent in strong lawyers fighting for the freedom of their clients.

Doesn’t it make you feel like a superhero? And, yet, the song doesn’t spout out superficial positivism, like you’re a nun singing “Kumbaya.” By the way: that’s so not the song to sing when trying to spur on motivation in the workplace.

Wretches and KingsKing Aragorn

This couldn’t be more appropriate for encouragement in the workplace, sampling the great Mario Savio, political activist fighting for free speech in our country, at the very beginning of the song. So odious. So sick at heart. That you can’t. Take. Part! Nothing fires up anyone like a speech. Presidents do it. Battalion commanders do it. King Aragorn did it. William Wallace did it. All powerful figures historical and fictional did it.

And that’s just the beginning of the song.

Listen to the rest of it, and you’ve got a razor-sharp head-banging basher of a piece even Beethoven would be proud of (although he wouldn’t be able to hear one single note of it). Just be sure your office is okay with just a little bit of vulgarity. It’s all poetic license, though, and it’s necessary for such a song about fighting oppression — in this case, the oppression would be the boredom against motivation in the workplace. The boredom wouldn’t last very long, pulverized into a pulp by the vicious and visceral riffs and rips in this song.

water cooler businessPick Anything to Encourage Motivation in the Workplace

So much more out there exists, echoing the same motivations as one Linkin Park. It doesn’t have to be that particular alternative metal band, or this rock pop group. If it gets the blood flowing for your employees — and especially for yourself — you can’t go wrong.

Just be sure to keep the water cooler filled up. Your associates will get thirsty.

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